I love film photography, it consumes my life and the contents of my bank account. I have amassed over one hundred sets of film prints in four years and spent a hideous amount of money pursuing this passion. My father has nurtured this passion in me. He has given me six cameras and provided hundreds of film rolls:

The Nikon EM is my baby

I have an adorable Minox 35 AL

The Samsung EXC1 Panorama, I recently found out, can shoot double exposures and I need to exploit this feature more

The Canon Sure Shot AF-7s is indeed a sure shot with a super wide lens

My Rollei Rolleimat F creates really weird vibrant colours and looks really cool

I thought the Pentax ME Super was great but then I realised that the photos are only good if taken outside, in bright sunlight, which doesn't happen too often in England

My seventh camera is a MaGinon Motor which looks better than the photos it takes, which I purchased myself in a secondhand store near Barbarossaplatz in Cologne, Germany

My eighth camera is permanently on loan from my sister, who has thankfully forgotten about her Fujifilm Instax 200


I used to travel abroad without film cameras, then I realised that this is stupid and started lugging them around with me on back-breaking tourist treks around European capital cities and small towns in the USA. My labour paid off, my memories are now beautiful forever on photographic paper.


Without my film cameras, I have seen:

Dallas & Forth Worth, Texas


Gran Canaria

Krakow, Poland (actually, I did take a camera but the film was no good so none of the photos came out) 

Freetown, Sierra Leone


My mum at least lent her hand to film photography in Sierra Leone, so here are a couple of shots below: