Bangkok & Ko Samet, Thailand

Thailand was hot. I sweated all the time and learnt to enjoy exploring a city by foot. A lot of my photos were taken on expired film, so do not exactly reflect my memories. 


Let me get straight to it: the food was AMAZING. Like wooooooooow I did not expect this to be such a highlight. I'm not even talking about Thai food, I am talking about dessert. French toast is a popular option on dessert cafe menus there and for good reason! French toast is delicious! Why do we not celebrate sweet bread more in England? I remember one particular day: I woke up and made myself crepes. My family and I went shopping. It was not yet two hours since I had last eaten and the sugar had not yet settled in my blood. But I find a dessert cafe inside a mall and inside that dessert cafe they are selling French toast so obviously I buy it because I am on holiday and eating solely for pleasure. My body is void of nutrition. I wrote a diary entry about this French toast. It was just a huge slice of bread, thicker than three slices of Hovis pressed together. It was served with vanilla ice cream, sweetened whipped cream, a clear syrup and cornflakes. My eyes are rolling back in my head just thinking about it. Apart from an awesome thunderstorm I watched from my balcony, this lunch was the highlight of my stay in Thailand.


I bought corn on the cob on the street, pad thai for the equivalent of 60p, ate rice in McDonalds and dessert everyday. Bangkok smelt bad, it moved fast, it surprised me all the time. I grew tired of stares at my black skin and the difficulty of finding deodorant which did not contain skin whitening product, but I shopped a lot, I ate a lot, I mistook monitor lizards in Lumpini Park for komodo dragons. I did not miss England.