Berlin, Germany

Let the record show that I love Germany. I am a traitor to my country, I really am, but a one-week visit to Berlin during the summer of 2015 convinced me forever that I should die a German citizen. This trip motivated me to take a beginner's German class during my first term of uni (ich gerne esse erdnuss butter! ich habe eine jungeren schwester! geschichte! <--- just googled that to check the spelling and apparently 'geshcichte' not only means 'history' but it also translates as 'story', how interesting) and plan to visit every major city in Deutschland.


So, a short flight from Copenhagen to Berlin on the smallest plane I have ever seen, let alone been on, thrusts me into a week of non-stop walking and delight. My family do not thank me for making them walk so many miles, but one can only see so much of Berlin from the S-Bahn and U-Bahn. Every U-Bahn stop had a different design and feeling. I learnt 'entschuldigung' to prevent my British sensibility of saying 'sorry' to every person I accidentally touched. I ate baked goods EVERY DAY and learnt how good pastry can be for the body. I abandoned my family to their hostel breakfast while I found a bakery which sold me a weird 'quarkstache' and the best chocolate doughnut I have ever consumed. On the last day, I led my family on an all-day trip which finally delivered us unto Kreuzburger in Kreuzberg, where we dined on the best curly fries -best fries, full stop- I have ever tasted. I am retuning for these fries, one day.


During that week, we became regulars at a cafe in Mehringdamm where we would break fast together. My family would sensibly order spiegeleier (fried eggs) while I ordered apfelstrudel (I was trying to recreate the scene from Inglourious Basterds with Shoshanna and Hans Landa) or orange und walnuss kuchen, and then finish the eggs and fruit that my family couldn't eat. I needed all the energy for the pure excitement I felt at all times. I did not feel tired until the last few hours of my time in Germany, sitting in the airport and feeling exhaustion paralyse my whole body. The journey back to the house in Denmark was... I have no words for the feeling of six days' worth of tiredness catching up on you all at once.


The Berlin Wall was a personal highlight for me. Street art = good. Berlin = good. Oh, and the wurst! I have to stop now, or else I never will.