Cologne, Germany

Round two of my adventures in Deutschland was essentially just me introducing my boyfriend to my German obsession. We ate the best burgers of our young lives at Freddy Schilling (one with sweet potato fries and remoulade on top of really really good beef, the other with parmesan and bacon), the best kebab of our lives at some low-key place that Tashan only wanted to eat at because they were showing the Euros game, a pizza with kidney beans as a topping and fried brioche with sunny side-up eggs and ham every day fur Fruhstuck.


Cologne is cute! So cute and overwhelmingly friendly. People offered to help us with directions with no prompt. They came to us and helped us figure out S-Bahn routes in perfect English. The most successful communication in German that I could muster up was ordering a scoop of peanut ice cream ("eine kugel, erdnuss eis, bitte"). I don't know how to say "of". I bought gorgeous clothes and was amazed to be served in what was surely no more than a twenty-second transaction in Lidl (German efficiency!!!). Tash and I cycled over the Hohenzollern bridge, watching thousands of love locks stream by, admired the city from the roof of a tall building, drank little glasses of kolsch at Fruh Am Dom, bought so many 100g squares of Ritter-Sport, watched the Cologne Cathedral rise up out of the ground, visited an amazingly explicit sex shop (free porn screenings! every size, shape and colour of dildos!) and so many lovely secondhand stores.