Copenhagen, Denmark

Wow, my memories of Denmark are all so nice. So comforting. I love this place. I have family here and a few trips under my belt. The shots here are from two trips. I've seen Scandinavia in winter and summer now.


No matter the temperature, I think of churros when I think of Denmark. The churro stand called 'Rajissimo' in Copenhagen's Walking Street calls to my sister. Although, overhearing a grown woman mispronounce churros as "churrios" did upset me deeply. I've shopped enough in Copenhagen (the three-storey Tiger!!!!) and walked up and down Walking Street enough times but I will not cease admiring the quaint beauty of Scandinavian architecture. So pretty! I cycled safely and got ripped off with absurd Scandinavian prices (nearly £7 equivalent for a medium McDonald's meal???? I need to stop visiting foreign McDonald's). I climbed up and down and beyond the 'mountain' near my aunty and uncle's house, which was really just a large hill, but to us kids it was The Mountain. 


That clear air helped clear my head. I'd come back to the house with earache in the winter from the cold, and sweat all over my body in the summer. But sometimes the only solution you need is a good walk.