London, England

I complain about England quite a lot, but I am a hypocrite because I know I love London. I really really love London. I have wasted so many days of my adolescence abusing free bus travel to slowly make my way into central London via Brixton. Even when I have money, I choose the bus tour. I do enjoy the tube, but I am terrified of taking candid shots of people in such a closed space and simultaneously see so many photo opportunities that the whole ride just becomes extremely frustrating. 


The food in London is my second favourite thing about the city. It is delicious but expensive. Except if you are in Shoreditch, and you have the Brick Lane beigel stores at your disposal. Cheap bagels?!?! Cheap cakes?!?! They even sell bread & butter pudding. Brick Lane is my favourite place in London, mainly because of the street art, which I can never get enough of. I will go anywhere a human has put his creative mind to painting on public walls. Why wouldn't you want to see art on your way to work? To think about your own personhood at the prompt of a provocative scrawl on a garage door. I'm all for it.


I have digressed. Food is great. Street food vans are great. Meat Porn and Mother Clucker are personal faves. The Dalston Yard Street Feast in Hackney blew my mind. Fried chicken tacos??? Fries topped with parmesan and truffle oil??? Fries topped with blue cheese sauce??? It was all too much for my small mind.


My number one favourite thing about London though is the architecture. This is why Oxford Street is the worst part of London. Just altogether not beautiful. The contrast of the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament though - beautiful. 20 Fenchurch Street or the "Walkie Talkie" as it is referred to is insurmountably fantastic. The finest building in London, in my opinion. I am yet to scale it. The Shard is a bit of a mess but the skyscrapers of silver and metal and grey in Canary Wharf make me proud.