New York & Pennsylvania, USA

Why I have so few photos from this holiday is beyond me. Seven weeks around the East Coast during one gloriously long and hot summer, and hardly anything to show for it! Well, I did lose a whole roll of photos. I didn't load it properly and this fact still haunts me.


My feelings on America have changed significantly since 2013 when I flew out a day after my seventeenth birthday to stay with my godmother in Milford, Pennsylvania. I loved America. I associated America only with summertime, food and shopping. While I was there, I added 'insect bites' to that list of associations. I got stung really bad. My legs were swollen half the time, I did not sleep well for weeks. I thought a lot about pain and gratitude. I thought a lot about myself that summer, my beliefs and priorities. My part of Pennsylvania was lush. Absolutely gorgeous and green and blue. The sky shocked me with its colour. The air smelt so good! I saw wild turkeys (which my godmother's daughter chased away screaming "GOBBLE WOGOBBLE WOGGLE!", mispronouncing it perfectly) grizzly bears right outside the house, a chipmunk swimming in the pool and snakes. 


I saw New York City for a day , a little of New Jersey, half of Delaware on the long coach to Maryland, and finally, no more of Maryland than I had seen two years before. I have family there so the holiday was centred on people. My cousin and sister flew out and joined me. Our small band of cousins went to Busch Gardens in Virginia and ate waffles every day (I ate Eggo waffles for breakfast, toast for lunch and cereal for dinner every day for a week, much to my grandma's dismay) and subsequently gained a lot of weight. It was awesome.


I am still interested in America but I have little desire to return. My list of associations has since grown to include rampant racism, Donald Trump and hypocrisy. My memories are crystallised perfect though. America will remain green and blue and delicious in my mind.