Sardinia, Italy

This was an extremely wholesome, fulfilling holiday. I spent it with friends, a friend's family and my boyfriend. My friend's nonno (grandpa) drove me to the next town to find film for me to buy when I realised I'd left all my rolls in England. The stupidity of leaving film behind! I knew I'd be in torture if I didn't find any and it was then that I realised how niche and unpopular film photography is. It was an optician's that inexplicably also stocked my usual brand of film that saved me. Sometimes I feel silly (and poor) still pursuing film photography but I there's a reason I haven't stopped yet. I was delighted that I could capture the beauty of this wonderful island. Technically I could with my digital camera but it's just not the same, it's really not!


Sardinia is next to Sicily, both are next to and part of Italy. I stayed in Portoscuso and went to a beach every day. On the second day I cut my big toe while swimming in the sea and also realised that saltwater is not for me - more specifically, my eyes. My experience of swimming as a child has almost exclusively been in a chlorinated not-salty swimming pool in Carshalton or Morden and I just cannot become accustomed to water that will make me thirsty if I drink it. Still, goggled up, I explored the Mediterranean Sea in short bursts, failing to improve my water-treading skills. I saw fish swimming around my feet. Tash realised at one beach that fish were hiding in the sand and he dug them up and tried to catch them in his hands. Unsuccessful but so fascinating. During a speedboat ride around the island, I jumped into the water, hesitant to look away from what I could see above sea-level, to find a hidden world of rock formations and sunlight below sea-level. The water was so clear. That day was amazing. We ate pomodoro e focaccia (I don't know how else to describe this with my extremely limited Italian but I can confirm that in Sardinia, your bread doesn't need ANYTHING else between it but tomato. Holy god) on the boat in the blazing sun. In the water in the blazing sun we ate fresh raw sea urchins from their shells (bizarrely mango-like in appearance and texture). Back on the boat I nearly cried with joy stroking and just generally looking at the most pampered and gorgeous dog I've ever met (shout out to Belle, I love you Belle).


Back on land I consumed too much gelato over the week (nocciotella, panna cotta, pistachio etc etc) from the best gelateria I will ever visit in my hopefully long life (if it is not shortened by the sheer quantity of ice cream I eat). I had pasta and bread in my belly every day, including nonna's homemade spinach and ricotta ravioli. She's not my nonna but I am happy to take on a third g'ma in my life. IN SHORT: visit Sardinia. Going there made me feel healthy. The combination of good food, exercise, conversation, sunshine and saltwater (not on your eyeballs) made me feel that my body was fulfilling its purpose. I jumped off rocks and ran from imagined dangers in the dark and explored sand dunes on the beach and played card games until I was emotionally exhausted and sounded the words 'quindi' and 'bambino' in my mouth. There is nothing more I could have gotten out of this holiday, I left Sardinia satisfied.


Photos taken on my Nikon EM and Samsung EXC1