My summer was black and white and full of colour. Specifically film colour: faded and vibrant in ways that real life just isn't. Life is so much more beautiful in photographs to me. I shot this series on digital and film. It was intended to be totally digital for the sake of convenience (can't spend dwindling student loan on film prints all summer) but I ended up using my film camera anyway and taking colour shots that sum up my South London summer as much as the B&W shots do. I also shot some of the B&W photos on film and developed and printed them in the darkroom.


To clarify, I just about count as a resident of South London. My postcode is Surrey yet I live in a London borough. Sutton's claim to fame is being the greenest London borough, so that's cool. The majority of these photos were not taken in Sutton though. Morden, Brixton, Croydon, Tooting, Putney and Wimbledon all feature. I enjoy all of these places. I do not love Croydon or Tooting (I have not spent enough time there) nor do I love Morden (I like Deen City Farm and that's about it) but I love Brixton and Wimbledon. Brixton is just pure fun. I go for Franco Manca and the people. I go to Wimbledon for Franco Manca and the Curzon cinema above HMV (though now they’ve raised the student price from £5 to £6.50 like that’s an alright thing to do – never going back).


This series features my sister, Maya, and my boyfriend, Tashan, both of whom spent the summer with me, feeling the strain of work and seeing the value of money quickly decrease. I learnt that money isn’t always worth it. I learnt that too much time spent on buses will induce unbelievable boredom and exhaustion. I also had fun. But fun comes between work and sleep and I have very little time left in my life to shun responsibility.


Summer is over now and photos taken in autumn always feel different. I think of this summer and I am reminded of tutoring sessions in Cheam and Purley, buying baked goods from Lidl for lunch, a £14 cinema ticket for Suicide Squad in Leicester Square, movies played on my laptop in bed, spending £1 in three hours spent at an arcade, late-night Nandos and absolutely endless bus journeys to escape the view from my living room window.