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This project was inspired by the incredibly tight-knit, supportive and inspiring black community at the University of Warwick. Being black in a white country, forever a minority, I have felt alienated from my white peers throughout my life. I lived in a mostly white town, with mostly white friends and went to a mostly white school and church. I didn't really start to feel "black" until I turned 16 and started to embrace my own culture and history, rather than deny it and act as if I belonged to the culture of the majority. Here at Warwick, I see beautiful black people who love themselves. I love myself, I love us. I have no shame in saying this because I know so many people who have my back. I am proud of both myself and my black peers for achieving so much within a system which does not cater towards us. Events put on by the Warwick Anti-Racism Society, Black Women's Project and the African-Caribbean Society have introduced me to wonderful people, ideas and a collective sense of pride that I could only express through these photographs. 


I wanted to shoot in black and white to highlight the beauty of these people's skin, to honour my father's everlasting love for classic photography and enable myself to shoot, develop and print the photographs in my university's on-campus darkroom. Two photos were taken on colour film and digitally edited to black and white. I used Ilford HP5 ISO 400 and Agfa ISO 200 film on a Nikon EM. Using a digital camera was not an option for me, film photography has my heart.