Final Year

These photos are ordered chronologically, beginning in October 2017 and ending in June 2018 - the duration of my final year at the University of Warwick. Autumn was marked by extensive time spent in the library and darkness creeping into daytime hours. Winter was marked by the most splendid snowstorm, my ASDA coat serving me for a fourth year in a row and suspected SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Spring was so welcome and was marked by blossoms and extended daylight hours and more time spent on the piazza rather than inside Fusion. Summer was marked by shaved legs and sandals, piazza lunches every day, greenery and the staff strike against unfair pensions. This photoseries ends with the screening of one of England's World Cup games. The few days I stayed at Warwick beyond that day was full of joy and friendship and love for my surroundings. Essays and exams were just the backdrop to me enjoying my freedom with my friends. In many ways, Warwick could have given me more - better club nights, better food, easier microwave access, more accommodation options besides Canley, Coventry and Leamington etc. But my friends and I made the best of our situations  and I truly believe I lived up to my potential at Warwick. I walk away a self-employed, degree-holding, ambitious, sociable and curious young woman knowing that I can go anywhere in this world and thrive. I feel excellent. My final year at Warwick was excellent, my whole time at Warwick was excellent. I hope I find this sense of fulfilment in every other situation life throws at me.


Photos taken on my Samsung EXC1, Nikon EM, Chinon and probably some other ones too