Before you bask in these people's beauty, allow me to say a little something about why I created this project.


Neither the title nor the concept of this project are original. This is simply an expression of appreciation for some of the beautiful and creative students at the University of Warwick. (Note: some of. This is by no means an exhaustive list of Warwick's Hottest and it is totally skewed towards my personal experience of Warwick and the circles of people I encounter). What motivated me to undertake this project was the repeating topic of conversation among some of my friends that everyone at Warwick looked the same. Realising that I totally disagreed with this, I thought I might as well prove what I was saying. Style, I think, belongs to the people I photographed and to so many others I see on campus. I chose these people because they inspired me by the way that they style themselves. I was considering the way they did their hair, the length and fit of their trousers, the effort they put into their makeup, the casualness or elegance of their appearance, the colour and material of their trainers etc. Speaking to each of my models, I got to understand that one might style themselves with the aim of sparking controversy, or to express a connection to one's roots. The aim is not always to look beautiful, and yet they all are anyway. That's what style is to me, it is beautiful because it is honest. And I will always admire honesty. 


Thank you so much to my wonderful, beautiful, generous models who I have either secretly or openly been admiring for months. 


All of these photos were taken on campus on a Canon EOS 550D and Nikon EM.