Watching Sports

Sports are not my thing. Usually, exercise is something I only do as a way of getting from A to B (I hate paying for transport). I walk a lot, cycle sometimes and occasionally have dance parties alone in my room. Still, I can appreciate watching other people sweat and get out of breath. This was a particularly beautiful evening. I cycled to the basketball courts by Sherbourne, out of the way of central campus, and watched a very intense game between two groups of friends and two strangers who joined in halfway through. I really felt like I was witnessing something special - something normal that can only be appreciated and considered beautiful through photographs. These photos remind me of colours from the film Moonlight (specifically Chiron and Kevin's reunion at the diner, for whatever reason) and holidays in Maryland and Pennsylvania. I am happy I can use my camera to  document lovely moments that would otherwise be forgotten and give them new meaning and life.